Double Cum Junkie--Quickie



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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "Double Cum Junkie." The only thing that consummate hotwife and MILF Leslie enjoys more than some torrid play time with an amorous BBC lover is an extended fuck-and-suck session that ends with her partaking of not one, but two hot, gooey loads of cock juice all over her dreamy, drippy face! This particular liaison begins innocently enough, with our curvy, uninhibited mature engaged in some naked "heavy petting" with one of her many black bulls. Crouched over him with her huge, full jugs hanging down in his face, Les enjoys the taste and texture of his thick, engorged cock before things escalate a bit, and before we know it, this sexy little minx is taking cocks from both ends. As she assumes a position on all fours facing the camera, you'll love her cock-stuffed expressions as her BBC lover gives her the business from behind. Then the bull gets to have some fun with the camera, as he captures the evening's first full facial on film--a characteristically huge blast from hubby that perfectly and symmetrically frames her lovely chin and cheeks. Finally, the oral action heats up again as this insatiable cum-lover blows and rims her fuck buddy until he simply can't hold off any longer and blasts several thick ropes of jizz all over her tits, neck, face--and even across his own thigh. If viewers can muster even half the volume of sperm that flies in this vid's finish, they will likely need showers before resuming normal operations . . . enjoy