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My doctors have advised i stop indulging in so much fattening food because i have been growing so rapidly unlike anything they have ever seen! He warned me there could be some serious weight gain consequences if i continue to eat like a fat pig! As soon as i returned home i noticed cake in my fridge and couldn't resist myself so i cut a large slice and contemplated eating it against doctors orders! What could ONE rather large and thick slice of gooey chocolaty cake possibly do? After all i have not gained this in one night it wont make difference! I grab the huge slice excitedly without any hesitation and begin shoveling large bites into my mouth! Diets make me so hungry i knew i'd never last! I lick the delicious cake from my fingers as i have made quite the mess i couldn't even control myself as i devoured the cake! Soon i begin to feel odd, i grab my belly as i can feel it stretching. I moan from my belly stretching so rapidly moaning that i don't think my body can handle any more growth but i just keep GROWING! I rub and massage my belly to help aid the extreme stretching! Once it was over i was HUGE! I could barley move i just wanted to lay there! I've always found such comfort in food and this must be my TRUE destiny! An immobile bottomless belly pig who eats all day and grows! I have now found my true purpose, to become extremely immobile! My addiction to fattening food has overcome me and my fat delicious body. I rub my new big body and show it off for you! I wonder what might happen if i have just one more slice heh