1 hr 9 months Pregnant me farting a lot



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1hour video compilation! pooping while have a repair in my toilet , recording from different angles! I have a huge preggo belly and some huge farts as well coming out of my full pregnant ass! ( In this video was very VERY long and loud ) yes Pregnant women farting too! I am on the 9 months of pregnancy now ! My Baby is pusshing down on my intestines and making me pooping and farts a lot! so here is a wild loud long farts compilation while i pooping on the toilet! ! Just farts , just poo! Pregnant Misha has a lot of intestinal gas. That’s why She farts a lot during Her pregnancy. Every day She is sitting on the toilet few times a day and farting a lot. Sometimes she try and push but cant do nothing(( Just painfull contractions going in her belly and make her almost cry and moan! She has some abdominal cramps and a lot of gas in her bowels. sniff Her smelly farts. In this video was a lot of painfull belly contractions, baby knocking,in this video i am comenting what i am feeling and sometimes talking or swears when i have a problems with toilet or my asshole and telling you what was wrong now!! sometimes i am woke up at the night and recorded it too! i am talked and explined what is going on in my pregnant belly right now! So this time is uch more interesting video and you can know now what feel pregnant woman especialy in the toilet! I will talking much more and a little bit dirtier! will tell you all my toilet secrets and problems wich i have on my 9 months! will tell you how i thinked that i am allready started to born a baby! and than i have a painfull belly contractions while sitting on the toilet! (Enjoy it and take it as it hot