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This is a custom clip, to request your own, email Me.* "I'd love You to dress in a skirt, stockings and a button up shirt. Some really bright coloured panties such as red would be great too ... something which shows up when You give a tease. I'm imagining You sitting in a chair with legs crossing/uncrossing pretty often. Maybe we can discuss how it's important that we find ways for me to save money so i can keep my social life but also keep serving You. Lets pretend that we've decided that i shouldn't sniff for this because it's a serious discussion, but as You're discussing financials You start flirting with Your stockings and lips. You'll then start asking if i want to see Your panties but then tell me You can't show me without a sniff from me and the session is about finances. But, maybe if i sniff You''ll show me a quick flash. Once i've had one sniff You can offer applying lipstick and more flashes, for sniffs. You could also do it for undoing a button on Your shirt. In between these sniffs You are getting more and more in my head about the need to be able to spend more on You. Then once i'm fucked up enough, You start bringing up new credit cards and loans. Maybe You tell me a $500 loan is suitable for a button then keep doubling it for more buttons or showing off things. By this stage You just tell me to sniff whenever You'd like. "i'd like you to be trying to convince me the loan and/or credit cards are not a big deal.&quot