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Freebie Tuesday

At Long Last



American / California
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Nathan met Jay Taylor onset as extras for another porno, but they didn’t get to touch… Then they ran into each other at the Avn Awards, and Jay needed a ride back to her hotel room… Upon walking in he immediately tossed her back on the bed to eat and finger her pussy until she came, then she sucked his rock hard cock. He was dying to fuck her, and as soon as he got her out of that dress he was inside her. She felt way better than he thought... Jay came immediately and repeatedly, and that tight contracting pussy was so good on Nathan's cock he had to keep taking breaks to eat her out. Jay shoves Nathan back onto the bed because after the ten or so orgasms she’s had, it’s time to worship that cock. His praise doesn’t stop there though, as she uses every blowjob trick she knows on him… She takes him from behind and after some minor adjustment so she can accommodate that upcurve, she's again climaxing over and over. Nathan aims to please as well, pulling out all the sick tricks! Jay hops on top and bounces on that dick, but soon just lets him pound into her at super speed. She pays some attention to the boys, then asks him to fuck her to one more massive orgasm before swallowing his cum