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vkvvv4689 Jun 18 2017

are there cumshots in this video?

Here at Hanging with Nathan we are all about naughty fun! Nathan and some friends are at Jay Taylor’s place and when Jay has a camera, she likes to fuck. We start from Jay’s POV on Nathan as he eats her pussy, looking up at her with those pretty green eyes. Then Ivy Sherwood joins the party, followed shortly by Robby Echo. Jay loves all the attention, and watching her get brought off really gets Nathan hard so she passes him the camera she can focus on her sensations and then on his dick. She gives him a super casual bj, still talking with everyone else off camera. Nathan is vocal though, as Jay gives good face. Robby creeps up eating a banana and soon as he finishes slides into Jay's tender pussy. The previous scene was Jay getting double teamed by these two boys, but she obviously has a bit more in her… The camera gets passed off to Robby for a nice angle of penetration while she works Nathan over with her mouth. Ivy’s feeling left out so she straps on a big black dick and squeezes in next to Nathan to get it sucked and take over camera duties. It’s Nathan’s turn for pussy, so the boys switch off, using and fucking Jay’s holes. Nathan needs to change positions so he can really pound some pussy, and she is more than happy to oblige. She cums, keeping her mouth firmly on Robby’s cock. Nathan thinks he might pop, so she backs away from Robby to focus on him. He strokes toward her face, but ultimately needs a break, so she returns to Robby. She blows and jerks him until he asks to fuck her, then he uses her pussy until she’s too sore to continue