My Little Puppet


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I’m going to play with your brain. I’m going to pull apart what makes you ’you’, and implant Myself into the deepest parts of you brain. I will completely change what you know about yourself to be true. I will take over your life … for the better. You’ll be put under by My lovely emerald necklace - emerald just like My eyes, My cleavage, and My words. I will get you to a point where fantasy and reality meet, and I will keep you there. Putting ideas into your head, whispering words into your ear, and manipulating you. I will float the fantasy of being locked up, used, and completely debased through your mind, and I want it to stick. I want it to be the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last lingering through you have before you go down deep. By the end of it you will be an addicted little puppet, completely under My controlling, and willing to do whatever I say