Mesmerizing Sister Staring Contest



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This is a custom request.* "You're my irresistible little sister. You're upset that I never hang out with you and insist we play a game. How about a staring contest? You make me stare into your mesmerizing eyes. You up the challenge by lowering, then removing your glasses. You're impressed, but have a pretty good idea how to throw me off my game. You unbutton your top, revealing more of your cleavage. You mention that I'm starting to look weak. You tease me with your breasts and move them up close without breaking eye contact. I finally lose and am rendered a staring, drooling mess. You laugh and tell me the game was just a way for you to me; no one can resist your spell, not even your brother. You command me to unzip my pants and to begin stroking it.You get me to stroke while staring into your eyes, then at your cleavage, back and forth. You tell me I'm going to cum explosively for you, and you're going to tell mom if I don't submit to your every whim. You count me down from 30, all the while teasing me at how wrong it is and how hard I'm fighting it. I cum all over myself. You laugh and ask me if I'm your slave. I nod mindlessly and you tell me I'm a good boy.&quot