From iron fist hooters to barefeet


Trish Collins

French / France
12:56 min - Apr 21 - .MP4 - 1.08 GB


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Aaand, my new video is finally out ! I’ve had a lot of requests for this jeans and barefeet stuff, so I hope I did good with that vid. I tried to make it as pleasant as possible by doing walkings, dangling and close-ups - many specific fetishes gathered into one vid, in other words. I was spending a cool afternoon on my own playing videogames and decided to share a moment with you guys because I was getting mad from getting owned over and over again (tough shet being a weak piece of crap). Anyway, let me please you with my feet and share one or two anecdotes while I display my beautiful shoes… I’m sure you may like it. IMPORTANT: I do NOT show my face in this video