SPH After my Boss fucked me



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god I'm nervous, I hope you'll be happy to here this, I'm worried it might hurt you, but...you know how you've always thought it would be hot if I...if I fucked another man...and, well, I always said I could never do that...tonight I did. Dp you want i will tell you how it was ? ok! listen! You asking how big is his cock? Oh honey it was so big...twice as long as yours, maybe three times as wide, I could barely get my hands around it...I could barely get my lips around it. he did make me scream, you like that? I've never screamed for you...you've never made me feel like that You want to fuck me too?...mmm, you want his sloppy seconds baby...okay Wow, I can barely feel you. OMG your cock is so tiny lol I can't feel it at all I don't think I'll ever enjoy sex with you...what if...what if you never fucked me again...if you were just my little cuckold...I'd only have sex with other men...do you like that...you want that baby...if this was the last time your little penis was ever inside me...yeah? We're gonna have so much fun