Lily's Lesson in Parenting



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Dad, what is there to talk about? I'm a grown up now. I can wear whatever I want. I can hang out with whoever I want. No, I'm not going to listen to you. Your rules are stupid. I know you're just trying to be a good Dad, but just stop it. We both know you're just jealous. You said I looked to good to leave the house like I did the other day. I know you just want me for yourself. Be quiet. Dad, look at me. Your blushing and you have a boner. You do... I'm going to touch it. Dad, you're not trying very hard to stop me. It's ok, you're still a good Father, but you don't have to make rules for me anymore, I'm a big girl now. Just relax and let your daughter give you what you really want.... ***Starring Lily Rader