Indecent Nylon Exposure


Victoria Brassy

American / Booty City
14:36 min - Jun 20 - .MP4 - 428.28 MB


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Dressed in my favorite lingerie and pearls, I slowly seduce you with my thick thighs and nylon hems. Once I sit down I cross my legs for you to peek at what is underneath. Then I slowly remove my nylons from my body so you can see my bare legs and feet right in front of your eyes. Once it's off, I lean back with both bare feet in front of the camera, high arches just waiting for your hard cock to slide in between me. I even massage my toes a little bit to help relax my muscles and tension. Finally, I carefully and seductively put my nylon stockings back on, one leg at a time, ending with a shot of my wonderful ass underneath. Please heart and comment if you enjoyed my video! Thank you