My "Raffle's Big Winner"

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322 5.0
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danny155 - Top reviewer May 31 2017
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I was very worried before my first meeting with a member of my Fan page, this guy won my raffle...First prize was ; Having a romantic masked dinner with me in the "Venitian style" by a nice hotel suite ..and nothing more, even if "Affinities"... The dinner was cool and I have been lucky to meet a " real gentleman"..but I knew he wanted more than spending some time with me... Later in the night I went to my room and he went to his room, as it was supposed to be...But, he told me that he might come later to give me an other "good night kiss".. I was very exited by this " Venitian night style" and I never go anywhere without my favorite Dildo and I started to play with it on my bed , I love to masturbate.. Suddenly , as I was enjoying my dildo, this guy knocked on the door and came in the room naked...I did not have time to do anything and he was there standing by me with his cock getting bigger and bigger ! Yes ! I gave in to the temptation and I started to suck his hard cock while I was masturbating and that's how everything started...Mister " winner of the raffle" had me for a romantic Venitian dinner and gave me a good fuck...Anyway we both had a good time and I cannot complain, I might never see him again but this guy will never go out of my Fan page...that's for sure