Kimberly Scott

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23 year old Kimberly is from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria to be exact. I've never fucked a Bulgarian before, but if all the girls are like Kimberly, I'm moving over there today! She was fucking fantastic!! She had emailed me a couple of times asking if she could do a shoot with me, I lost her first email and when I got the second one, I thought I should reply to her. We finally spoke on the phone and arrangements were made for her to come to Derby. On the day of the shoot I went to the train station to pick her up, Kimberly looked so fucking sexy in her leather jacket and jeans (I have a thing for girls in leather). We went back to mine and Kimberly got ready for the shoot, she dressed in a sexy little black miniskirt and matching red bra and panties with black hold-ups. We started the shoot with Kimberly doing a 5 minute solo scene in the bedroom, but it ended up with me having to get my cock out for her to suck it, she then got on her hands and knees so that I could fuck her from behind. It was then that I found out that she has the most sensitive clit and she just keeps on orgasming. We then went downstairs where the cameraman was waiting and we did the rest of the shoot. If you like watching girls having multiple orgasms (and who doesn't?), then this vid is for you