Giantess Eats Shrunken Humans



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cmiranda May 1 2017
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This totally isn't my bag, and I don't get it at all, but there's no passing up eight and half minutes of Luna's face! Not only do we get her bewitching face and charming mannerisms, but hair is fantastic this time around! I don't need to tell you—you saw the video poster—but somehow, her hair did the impossible and made her face even more alluring. I'm not too proud to admit that the look she gives the camera as the clip fades out made me giggle out loud like a school boy who faints at the idea of talking to pretty girls. So, although it has a pretty specific intended audience, this clip will be enjoyable if you're a fan of Luna's face, her mouth, and/or the way the kids around.

My favorite delicacy is shrunken humans! Inside of a golden box, I reveal a row of five unfortunate souls who I shrunk and mummified. After curing inside of the box, the little morsels are finally ready to be consumed! I tear into their small bodies with my sharp teeth, talking about how good they taste and how much I enjoy consuming them! I comment about tasting their human flesh, and crunching their bones with my teeth! Once I've devoured all five of the tiny people, I pick their remains out of my teeth and prepare to make more tiny human treats for myself