Giantess Catches you Under the Bed Vore

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Vore Studios

American / Las Vegas
314 5.0
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Matttbc May 5 2017
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Fantastic roleplay for a tiny, unwilling prey. Codi brought her A game so get ready to feel helpless!

You're under Giantess Codi's bed when she wakes up to the smell of human hiding in her room. She knows you're hiding, and she playfully hunts you down, as you desperately try not to make a sound under the bed. After cowering in fear, she finally discovers you, scoops you up, and taunts you with her giant boobs before dropping you down her throat. She pokes you and teases you while you digest in her belly, and she remembers there must be a whole village of you nearby... More than a light breakfast snack, you've given her a craving for more