My Brainwashed Meal Giantess Vore

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Vore Studios

American / Las Vegas
257 5.0
8:05 min - Apr 22 - .MP4 - 291.49 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Matttbc deleted May 5 2017
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Great vid for willing prey. Plenty of teasing throughout and even some extra "meal prep" thrown in for good measure.

What a good tiny human... you've prepared yourself for me! Already naked and seasoned on a light spinach salad, ready to be swallowed by your giant master. You are not only willing to be my meal... you're also eager to impress me. I tease you, take a photo of my meal to post on instagram, and taste you a bit before setting you in my mouth, sliding you down my throat, and digesting you in my belly. While you sit in my churning stomach, I talk to you and tease you some more before you finally dissolve in my gut. This clip is also available in Virtual Reality