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British / Glasgow
7:30 min - Apr 22 - .MP4 - 51.45 MB


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Mmm I open a packet of love heart sweets and begin sucking them one by one, they taste so good I want you to taste just how good they are so I open up a bag + spit the sucked sweets into it. They are covered in My delicious saliva, absolutely dripping in it. I open a lollipop next, oh it tastes so good! I know you'll love the flavour so i suck it more + pack it in with the sucked sweets into your delicious little treat bag. I can't get enough of those love heart sweeties, I open another packet then another I can't stop sucking them + spitting them into your goodie bag. My mouth is full of saliva, watching it drip down Myred lips + into your spit bag is driving you crazy.. I don't stop sucking + spitting until all the sweets are finished + your goodie bag is nice + full of My delicious saliva