GEENA GINGER: POV Suck and Swallow


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
7:17 min - Apr 22 - .MP4 - 81.96 MB - 640x480


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GEENA GINGER: POV Suck and Swallow Geena came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Tattoo of a mermaid on her abdomen. 21 years old. Her twin sister got her into porn. This is her third scene. Spitter in real life but will swallow for me today. First tried it with a boyfriend at 15 but doesn't like it. Geena's goal is to do porn for 2 years and buy a house. She models skimpy pink and white lingerie. Butterfly tramp stamp. "I like being whorish. I think "slutty" is a good word!" she says, after revealing she has fucked guys a few hours after meeting them at the club. Spreads her ass and models her asshole. Wants to be famous and get her face out there, so I suggest getting her face at crotch level. Lovely latina lips. Tongue-stud accentuated deep throat. She spits on my dick and licks it off, making sloppy sounds. "You like that? You gonna cum in my mouth? I want to taste it. I want to eat your cum." A thick wad of glue-like paste gets placed on her long Gene Simmonseque tongue. Geena swallows with pleasure. Fin