Let stepmommy show you how


Ava Black

British / UK
10:29 min - Apr 27 - .WMV - 186.98 MB


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You're in your bedroom jerking off to some mags. Pumping and tugging away so hard on your man-meat that you don't hear your stepmom calling you for dinner. It's not until she bursts through your door that you are sharply jolted back to reality. She does a double take as your hands try to cover your embarrassment. But then she reels back round again. Is that a look of excitement on her face? She walks into the room, hands over her mouth in shock. She can't believe that you're jerking over pics of her from when she was a glamour model! She smiles, a knowing look on her face. She's telling you that she can't believe that anyone still buys magazines anymore, let alone beats off to them... There's nothing quite like the real thing though, she's telling you. And besides, you're doing it all wrong! She touches your cock, and you don't object. You close your eyes and breathe a sigh of deep satisfaction as she expertly strokes your cock. Cupping your balls as she looks at you, she tells you to look at her tits. Better than the ones in the magazine. These ones are real... Don't you want to touch them? Of course you do. The look on your face as you massage your stepmommy's tits tells her this is the first time you've ever touched a woman like that. She smiles, a devilish grin spreading across her face. She blames your father really, he kept you so sheltered even at your age. But she's going to change all that... This is going to be your little sexy secret... And as her fingers press down harder as she strokes, your hips rise up to meet her movements. You're going to love every moment of stepmommy's sex education