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French / Spain
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My neighbor owns a strip club and he is a nice fellow, each time we meet he keeps telling me... " stop by the club and give it a try , sure you'll be a good stripper !"...Yesterday again he came home for a coffee..I was pretty undressed and ready for a strip show, I thought it was my opportunity to give him a private dance..me and him alone , no stress ! I told him to seat quiet in the sofa and that I will perform a short dance for him..I put some music on my cel phone and I started dancing like a naughty girl..I was dancing only for a minute , he went crazy and came straight on me, he grabbed my ass with his two hands and started fingering my pussy and kissing my boobies, OMG ! Everything went so fast !!! in no time I was squirting and coming on his hands , my legs were all wet...I was shaking ! His cock was big and hard ...I gave him a hot blow job squeezing his balls, he loved it because he came fast in my mouth and he poured his sperm all over over my breast...That was hot !!! Guess what ? I have the job whenever I want and well paid ! I know I am a naughty girl...Can't help it