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This is going to be super fun- for Us! Because slaveboy is super ticklish and he is going to hate it! We're going to get our laugh by tickling him until he's completely miserable. Cherry binds slaveboy's hands in strong leather cuffs and We snap the clip on with his arms behind his back. Cherry teases him with the crop. When Salem starts tickling with Her long nails he begins to twitch, sweat and squirm! We laugh so hard and both go wild tickling him and making fun of him- he can't even help getting a boner with Cherry's sexy ass in front of him! We make him thank Us while We tickle him until We are satisfied with how much tickling We've put him through. It's so fucking funny to blow on his skin, tickle him with Our fingernails, grip his skin and make slaveboy endure Our tickle torment! (Clip features Cherry Bat & contains elements of tickle fetish, tickling, tickling armpits, double domme, shiny fetish, brat girls, femdom, bondage, tease & denial, female domination, goddess worship