Worker bee mentality


Ava Black

British / UK
13:43 min - Apr 29 - .WMV - 197.19 MB


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You should be eternally grateful that for once in your pathetic existence I've decided to acknowledge you! Are you surprised that I think you're nothing more than just a number? Well, what on earth gave you the impression that you had some kind of meaning to me? Or that we had some sort of 'bond'? Hahahah! So pathetic! The only thing you are worth to me is what's in your wallet! Every last penny is mine. You are just a worker drone in my hive of worker drones. Slaving away to contribute to my perfect life! That's what you're good for. When you break your back working hard only to see me spending all that money on girls' nights out and parties with other selfish friends you shed a little piggie tear. Of joy! Hahahah! My little worker bee