Harley Quinn vs. Batmans asshole MP4


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
15:24 min - Apr 22 - .MP4 - 802.34 MB


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Welcome to Part Four of the "Harley Vs Batman" series! In this episode, Harley Has Batman right where she wanted... weak and useless. So what does she do? Straps on a dildo and Ass fucks batman like there is no tomorrow! First she teaches him how to suck her cock, and gives him a gigantic load all over his face for his reward! As he gags and takes a huge load in is mouth, she laughs like crazy, enjoying her new pet bat's holes. Harley enjoys the screams of pain coming from the Caped Crusader as each thrust swells up his Ass hole into a bright pink. Harley is having so much fun, this almost beats a normal date with Mister J. any day. This is so exciting! it is really making Harley's naked body all moist and shiny. When the Batman is out of breath... She puts on his Utility Belt and dances around showing it off like a kid with an expensive new toy! The batman is only at 20% battery life... but Harley wants to have more fun! The night isn't over until the Bat-man sings