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Jenna Fantasma

American / California
2,619 4.3
5:44 min - Apr 22 - .MP4 - 468.40 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Your cock is so big. Breasts are so big. Skin so smooth. Would have liked to see your tranny face more. You are pretty. You are 1 of the 3 tranny clips I bought for the first time yesterday. I never thought I would buy tranny clips but I found you pretty.

shingler - Top reviewer Apr 24 2017
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Gorgeous body. I think her face is pretty but can't see it because the stationary camera does not show her face fully.. This is a straight jerk scene with poor resolution. Too bad about that. I could be a fan of Jenna, but I won't buy another unless she is shot in better definition and some thought is put into the work product. I gave this a grudging three stars.

Jenna Fantasma Apr 25 2017

I appreciate the feedback! Video's like this come from my cell phone, as stated in the description, sorry for the misunderstanding. I am new to this and learning, so your feedback is very appreciated :) I do however have other videos on here that are a much better resolution, and show my face! I think you will enjoy some of my new upcoming content.  Xo JF

MichaelXY - Top reviewer Apr 23 2017
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1920x1080 resolution but a slight blur to the video I'm assuming this is caused by resizing a small video/blurring effect.

No talking just moaning throughout while stroking her dick.

Spits on cock while stroking.

Love those tits bouncing all over while she strokes.

The cumshot sequence is visible as she blows all over her stomach sadly its tough to see the cum on her and the cum while she rubs her fingers through it and licks it up.

After another long day of edging, I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I came so hard and made such a mess! But I cleaned myself up.. felt and tasted so good! (from private phone collection