Did I stutter


Ava Black

British / UK
13:10 min - May 06 - .WMV - 280.82 MB


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Mmm, so it has come to our attention that you've been slacking. You've got lazy again! Just when you were starting to demonstrate so much potential... Such a shame! We saw nothing but great things in you. Guess we were wrong! No mind, it's a good thing we caught your slacking off before it became too much of an issue! Because we're going to set it right. Starting today we're going to put those trainer wheels back on so to speak! We're going to micro-manage every little part of your existence. From how long you work to how much rest you have on a daily basis! Darn we're even going to micro-manage how long you're allowed for jerk off sessions! Nothing is off the cards! After all as you know every little moment of your existence is on the tab! "Ruination&quot