Age Regression Experiment Turns U Female

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A super hot doctor introduces herself and then thanks you for taking part in her experiment. She has already administered the experimental concoction to you and begins to ask you about how you are feeling as she wants to determine if the age regression work she has been doing will be successful. As she talks to you she notices you are looking at her cleavage and also notices you are getting aroused. As you get aroused it seems that you the age regression is working. The more you are turned on the further back you seem to go. So, she pushed the experiment. She takes her skirt off revealing a tiny thong and her plump ass gets you going big time. She then notices more age regression going on and notes that your stamina must be incredible at this point. So far, so good. She then tells you to jerk off for her as she wonders what an orgasm will do to her experiment. She continues on with some jerk off encouragement as she also continues to strip out of her clothes. She takes her top off revealing her bra, then takes her bra off, and finally her thong panties. Each time she strips off clothes you regress in age more and more. She teases you fully nude and sees you are close to cumming, so she tells you to really go for it. When you cum something unexpected happens. A gender transformation occurs and you transform into a female right in front of the doctor. She is amazed and excited by the results of the age regression experiment but sees you are scared. So, she tells you to call her mommy and tells you that she will take care of you. She will buy you pretty dresses and show you off to all her friends. She then sees you are perhaps hungry so she asks if you would like to breastfeed on her big tits. You go over to her and she put one of her boobs right in your mouth. As you feed she tells you not to worry. Mommy is here now and she will take very good care of you from now on. Included in this clip: Age Regression, POV, Experiment, Doctor, Hot Doctor, Gender Transformation, Stripping, Strip Tease, Thong Fetish, Bra & Panties, Breastfeeding, Big Tits, Blonde Doctor, Blondes