Four Twenty 2017

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Lady Ruby

Canadian / Québec
286 5.0
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MichaelXY - Top reviewer Apr 23
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High quality production and amazing visuals as always.

She takes a hit from that huge pipe to start off the video flashes an amazing smile at the camera and then has a bit of a coughing fit before lighting up a joint.

She looks stunning with the green eyeshadow matching her green tights, she wears that colorful fur hat throughout the whole video which at times hides her breasts.

I think this is the first public video I've seen her show her amazing puffy breasts with piercings in when they aren't being hidden by the fur hat.

The video is fantastic, with the smoke clouds dancing around visibly.

Ruby is playful and friendly while coughing, smoking and teasing throughout the entire video.

I've purchased alot of smoking fetish content over the years and Ruby hands down produces the highest quality content in both aesthetics and video quality, definitely recommend this and many of her other works.

This video goes best with your favorite chillax playlist
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Lady Ruby
Canadian / Québec
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