Boots Are Made For Walkin


Victoria Brassy

American / Booty City
6:44 min - Jun 20 - .MP4 - 252.99 MB


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I'm left waiting in the passenger side of my best friends ride (an F150 truck) while my friend goes into the store. Naturally, I lean back and put my feet up on the dashboard. Since it's such a hot day, I carefully unbuckle and unzip my black high heel boots to let my natural high arches and barefoot soles air out and rest on the window. People are coming and going in and out of their cars but I don't care. They can enjoy stalking me or watch me rub and caress in between my toes and dirty heels. It's a win for everyone to view my long toes and high arches in public sight. Please heart and comment if you enjoyed my video. It would make my day