Mom Models Jeans for You


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
16:03 min - Apr 24 - .MP4 - 1.30 GB


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Your mom shows up at your place wearing these tight jeans. She says she just bought them and wants your opinion. "Are they too young?" she asks, desperate for approval and affirmations. You tell her they look great, your cock stirring in your own jeans. You shift, trying to hide it. Your mom is now bending over, the tight denim stretching across her round ass as she implores you to check her out. "Do they look ok?" she asks. Your cock is now rock hard. You can barely speak. She can't possibly be totally unaware of what she's doing, right? She smirks, sitting down beside you as her eyes dart to your crotch. "'re hard..." she points out, scooting closer. She's flattered, placing her hand on your thigh as she tells you she's sorry for making you aroused. She can't just leave you like this now! She has to take care of her son. How? you ask her, incredulous. "Why, with my mouth, silly!&quot