DUAL Cunt WHORES 1 & 2

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American / Wisconsin
397 5.0
38:04 min - Apr 23 - .MP4 - 1.36 GB

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Red devil david - Top reviewer Dec 4
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Two whores are better than one

moose266 - Top reviewer Aug 2
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You both are naughty cunt whores. Loved the domination in this video. The ending to the first one was a dream come true for me, just wish ManyVids would actually allow that to be filmed. Great video, please make more like this.

This is a VERY new concept and video for us, so please read description prior to buying Dual Cunt Whores 1 ~ Soccer Mom Betsy invites Soccer mom Steph over to her house to hang out. She explains to her how she has heard a little rumor by the other moms on the field. Steph is just this big ol whore! Steph doesn't deny it. Betsy challenges Steph to see who is the bigger cunt whore. You know you love a mommy cunt! We talk dirty and encourage each other to fuck our big fat cunts as we degrade each other like the whore we are. We Take our turns showing each other and guess who wins? BETSY! Dual Cunt Whore 1 ~ So, back to redeem herself... Steph stops by Betsy's after work and talk about their day at work. They then move into the last "session" they had! Steph explains she has done a lot of thinking and knows she held herself back last time and she wants to redeem herself as the biggest fattest CUNT WHORE! Betsy is almost taken back at Steph's dominance as she normally is the dominant one. No one stands up to Betsy! This time Steph & Betsy GAG EACH OTHER WITH THE DILDO and fuck their pussies all while proving who is the REAL cunt whore! Degrading talk, dominance by one of the 2 girls, Lots of NEW role playing