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Impregnate me and my friends daddy! - HD

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Emmas Secret Life

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mouser01 Apr 28

can't say enough about this lady! wow

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Great taboo film with amazing creampies. A must watch!

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) I wanted a part 2 of the custom we did together... where we go to the other room and I imagine you are at the party with 3 friends and your little sister. . Alot of yes and no daddy talk. Daddy . Do you really think it won't be wrong to cum in her young pussy. What if you get us all pregnant at once. Start off with you my daughter... 3 friends and then finally your younger sister. A party where I (daddy) sneak in and have sex with you my daughter and all her friends. You say now stick it in Jessica's pussy, now Heathers, who is even younger. Now cum in my little sister's pussy. Say that your little sister made you angry so you want to get her back by me pounding her virgin pussy and making her pregnant. I want to imagine I'm multi orgasmic. Wow. Look at Heathers puffy pussy. I bet it is tighter than all the rest since she is the youngest. Wow daddy your hard again. Maybe you should pull out daddy. This is not right. I don't think you'll be able to handle her young convulsing pussy on your cock without a condom daddy. You probably will feel like exploding in her and being bad. I don't know if you should put in. No daddy. Ok yes just do it. Feels so good. Cum in your daughters pussy and all her friends. Please do age play. Even though you are reinserting it into your pussy I want you to pretend like I cum in 5 different girls at the party so you all can be pregnant at the same time. Daddy impregnation age play. Describe how I slide my cock in between their puffy lips to get all my pre cum to get them ready for daddy's cock. Also what they are wearing and how innocent they look. All having different younger ages til I get to your younger sister. Lots of creamy cum. Keep encouraging me to cum in each friend and all of your other dirty talk how this is so wrong. I don't like the word pervert used but other bad daddy techniques. 10 minutes again. You can jump right into the action like last time. (This is Pt. 2 to Custom Taboo Impregnation Fantasy