Jay In Chains: Gagged & Beaten in Public

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431 5.0
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WOW what a beating. That little babe's ass must've been red and purple for weeks! Chained up between stone columns in the middle of the desert, Jay makes a pretty, subby toy to beat for Casey the Sadist, and you can see Jay's enjoyment of the scene in their glowing bum and drooly gag!

humpdaypumper - Top reviewer Jul 3
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Very good spanking and a sexy sub. Little Jay plays a great sub and likes the spanking. That ass is red and cute and bouncy.

spittingteeth May 1 2017
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This video is absolutely beautiful and unique in setting. Little Jay chained between two stone pillars is the definition of erotic. As Casey warms her up with hands spanks you can really see the perkiness of her tight little ass. With each spank LittleJay whimpers through her ball gag. Casey moves to use a riding crop and her whimpers grow louder. Sometimes you get to see Jays face straight on, with Casey behind her. Watching Jay's faces through out this video is the real treat. She looks stunning with the ball gag in her mouth, and even gets messy for us. Her face when she cries out in pain pushed me to the edge over and over. She's a beautiful Goddess, maybe most beautiful when chained and crying for help. As it gets worse and worse you start to see how deep the bruises being left go her hip and ass are, and Realize that Casey is a relentless sadist. He finally Counts her down, in a scene that was well worth every second of build up....heh..

TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Apr 29 2017
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Little Jay's naked body looks so beautiful against the chains she's wrapped in and the desert setting. Casey starts off spanking her lovely butt with his hands before switching to the riding crop; rapid sets at first, then applied deliberately for more impact by the end. As Little Jay's ass jiggles with every smack, her body twists against the chains at the sting and her whimpers can be heard through the ballgag. While most of the focus is on her butt getting redder and redder, several shots from the front show the punishment on her face. A striking bondage scene from Little Jay.

feat. @SmuttyPA Casey V has captured LittleJay and chained her out in the desert, near a busy desert road! LittleJay is bound with the heavy silver chains between two stone walls as Casey V tears into her little ass with his rough hands and quick riding crop. Poor LittleJay, no one can hear her scream, but anyone could see her hot red ass, and the ball gag in her pretty little mouth. When the beating is over, Casey V leaves her there to feel the heat of her ass and the desert sun till.... well.... who knows? Filmed by EliSmut