Loan Shark



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Eric Jover borrowed over fifty thousand dollars from Joclyn to start up his porn business, and she wants to make sure that he pays her back every penny with interest! To make sure the power structure is clear she has Eric strip naked and clean her feet with his mouth. She makes him worship her sweaty toes! Not sure Eric understands the power dynamic between loaner and loanee, the sexy blonde MILF uses and kick his cock and balls for her amusement, and she begins with a flurry of powerful barefoot kicks! After each hard kick, Eric feels a stinging pain in his sore balls. Joclyn kicks him with power, using her sexy size 5.5 feet. After a massive ballbusting attack, she proceeds to grab his cock and balls, controlling them completely in her hands. She opens her mouth and inserts his cock inside it. He can almost feel the warm touch of her tongue massaging his cock, but she chomps down hard on the head and shaft of his cock with her teeth! Joclyn continues to work over his cock and balls by biting them with very little mercy! In order to satisfy this debt, Eric has to satisfy Joclyn sexually, but he certainly can't do it alone because her appetite for cock is definitely overwhelming! Joclyn commands her naked slave to fetch his friends so that they can worship her hairy bush and bring her to multiple orgasms before she decides to bust his balls again! She takes on all three cocks sucking and fucking her way through them until she’s left happy and covered in cum