How To Prepare A Cucumber

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jarya5 - Top reviewer May 14 2017
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A video that has everything I look for: big tits, foot play, toe sucking, insertions, and a massive waterfall squirt at the end! Glad to hear she ate the cucumber too, I always wondered about that lol

princessberpl May 15 2017

It would be naughty of me to waste perfectly good food ;) Hehehe! Glad you enjoyed this one jarya!

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Apr 25 2017
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Ok I'm going to state up front unequivocally, that I'm not a foot guy. So why did I buy this video? Well you rarely get to see Berpl not in some other persona or wig and make up. I loved the natural lighting and getting to see her as "herself". Now even for non foot lovers this is a hot video with delicious views and a spectacular orgasm and squirt. When it seems like every other video is role play, or costumes this was a pleasure to watch in every way.

Now don't get me wrong, I love pervy and kinky role play but this was a natural beautiful orgasm...

princessberpl Apr 25 2017

Thank you again Al! I'm so happy you can appreciate the natural as well as the roleplay I do

ethan42mv - Top reviewer Apr 23 2017
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Absolutely stunning. Hot masturbation, foot fetish at its best. And a huge squirt in the end. What do you want more? Well, a sequel... ;)

princessberpl May 15 2017

Hehe I'm always game for a sequel ethan! Thank you so much!!!

kenguy5 Jan 22
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What a phenomenal squirt!!! Love the footplay as well!!!

Buttdumplins - Top reviewer Oct 19
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You have the greatest nipples on this site, and I would give a limb to taste what your juices tasted like

Thank you so much!

Darkdad - Top reviewer Sep 8
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This is a very hot video!!!

azrealmd - Top reviewer Aug 17
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Berpl just being natural in your kitchen for some fun, and I bet you wouldn't stop her. I bet you would clean up the floor with your tongue if she asked because she is delicious.

Natural lighting video - With a tight dress, no panties, and bare feet I massage my soles with oil before preparing a cucumber for some fun. I fuck my pussy so good with it that I end with a HUGE squirt. And don't worry, I didn't waste a thing! I ate it after the video :P