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Freebie Tuesday

Showering Off Totoro Body Paint

97 5.0
97 5.0
19:47 min - Apr 23 - .MP4 - 1.24 GB

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MaestroAndrew May 1 2017
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She is being waaaay too humble in her description by saying that she's "not a good dancer". Even though the aim of this video is more to be fun and playful, she still knows how to move her body so seductively. The angles she uses show off what imho is head to toe one of the most incredible bodies anywhere ever. That's not an overstatement. Her bodypaint job is really impressive too, and it's super hot watching her work reeeaaaally hard to scrub it off! $6.99 for 20 minutes?!? Trust me. BUY THIS!!! Cheers.

Custom/idea suggested by a friend. ^^ I am by no means a good dancer so pls no bully. I had painted myself into a lil Totoro on cam, so here's a p cute video of me washing off the paint and dancing like a dork