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Slutty Pinup Fucks Dildo

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584 5.0
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This video was so hot; I love to see you penetrate yourself

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I really enjoy all the public videos, adding the pinup aspect to it made it much sexier.

Mrsack1972 - Top reviewer Apr 24
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A spectacular and sensual video joy. The level of subtle danger and playful eroticism make this video a must own for anyone. I fully and gladly recommend this wonderful video to all.

I wanted to try my shot at a Beautiful Agony type video without really staying too in the guidelines. I decided a friend's backyard would work for this and she arranged for me to shoot on a beautiful summer day. Watch as I enjoy showing myself off for you and you only, alone back here in this very public place. You can hear neighbors in the background, children arriving from school. No one has any idea what is taking place right next door- and that is why I love public videos. It gives any of us a chance to imagine whatever we want when we're horny :) I undress myself slowly letting you gaze at my porcelain skin in the warm sun's glow. I then tease myself with a favorite toy of mine. Before you know it, I'm working both my hands to climax as I throw my head back onto the plush grass... pussy tensing in ecstasy. Hope you enjoy