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Freebie Tuesday

Punishing Jay with Spanks and BBC Cum


Miss Jane

American / Las Vegas
20:40 min - Apr 25 - .MP4 - 1.61 GB


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Jay snuck out and is being naughty again, smoking and masturbating in the neighbor's yard! He catches Jay in the act and brings her home to get punished. Jane answers the door in negligee and asks Shaun to help her punish Jay. Jane and Shaun spank Jay hard, turning her booty red. Jay confesses she was hoping to be caught, that she wanted Shaun's cock! So Jane decides to see for herself and gives him a blowjob. Jay wants some too so she finishes Shaun with a handjob while being spanked. Featuring @bowlsnboobs @shaundam, filmed by @elismut