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Nigerian / Candyland
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HD- Tongue lashing that tiny ivory dick while giving you some sweet spread asshole lovin. I grammatically spank you, then visually kiss it better. This big gorgeous heavily sought after booty is more than enough eye-candy to soothe even the most bruised ego. A flawless up close and very personal shot of my bent forward spreading my butt while I use my the soles of my feet as a natural throne. If you can take this verbal berating, tiny cock, your shrimp dick is bound to enjoy one awesome cream fest. Leave your ego at the jump though, I'm queen bitch and my buttonhole rules your world here. That means you do as I say and hold that nut until the end :)   THIS CLIP ALSO SENDS YOU TO THE TOOTIE TOY STORE FOR: SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - ASS SPREADING - ASSHOLE FETISH - DIRTY TALK - MOANING - ASS SMACKING - DOGGY STYLE - BOOTY SHAKING - JOI