Well-kept Foot Goddess


Ava Black

British / UK
8:52 min - Jun 10 - .WMV - 158.97 MB


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My good little slave, my perfect little foot loving freak! Don't you just love spending time with me while I relax and contemplate life? Of course you do... I'm am elevated to beyond Goddess status in your mind and I love that! True devotion like yours is so hard to find. I am eternally grateful that you know your place and never seek to rise any higher than my pretty stockinged ankles. Even when you find your ridiculous manly urges pushing you to the edge and charging you up with testo you find it impossible to do anything other than fall to your knees in absolute devotion at my magnificence. It matters not to you whether I am dressed in Domme clothing or chilling out in my shorts and socks. I am your true Goddess. And you belong on your knees in front of me