Caning and Foot Worship With My Lover


Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
25:41 min - Apr 24 - .MOV - 1.49 GB


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Not really in to spanking or anything of the sort, however if it ends with Ariel cumming then I'm all for it!

Speechless....well, one word: sublime.

Ariel's note - Woah this is hot! Probably the hottest thing I've shot so far to share on my C4S store. If Zoe and I weren't such close friends there's no WAY I'd have wanted to do this. But she's one of my very best friends in the world, and we're equally kinky, so it was a perfect opportunity to let go and not worry about whether it was a bit too hot for publication. Which maybe it is - but I'll put it up for now :) My mistress Zoe is strict, and our weekly punishment sessions always get me nervous. She canes hard. But today she's dressed in a way that makes my heart hammer fast in my chest despite the nerves - tight leggings, leather stilletto boots, leather gloves and a corset that shows her movie-star curves to perfection. Her choosing these clothes makes me hope that she's planning some post-punishment make-up sex and I can't wait to get past the painful cold caning in order to find out exactly what she has in mind