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You look absolutely fantastic sucking that big cock!

horrorclub Apr 26 2017
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This video is a very nice POV blowjob from Khaleesi. She gives us lovely little moans, sexy slurps, and swallows a huge load! :)

Amazing eye contact and emotion; Leesi smiles and give amazing bedroom eyes. So sexy! You can tell she's super into it. I really love that she strokes his body while sucking him off, it was very romantic in a way.

You can tell he's super into it too!! He has some nice moans but it's not too much to distract from the show. It's really sincere. His dick grows nice & big too, giving her a thick cock to suck on!!

The cum shot is not POV but holy moly it's great. IT's... wow. Just. WOW!!!

I actually had to IMMEDIATELY message Leesi and gush about how amazing this video was. If you've been wanting to see more b/g Khaleesi420 content, SERIOUSLY scoop this one up!

VioletWitchy - Top reviewer Nov 10
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10/10 will fap again :3

nickelstrap Jun 16 2017
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A super hot video. Hoping for more like it in the future.

xeromaus Apr 27 2017
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This is beautiful, period.

Not sure if she's in love with the guy, in love with his dick, in love with giving head, or some combination of all three, but whatever it may be, it shines through the entire video.

If you're a fan of Khaleesi, or a fan of anything tagged on this vid... you NEED to own this.

Jurek1981 Apr 25 2017
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awesome video from my favorite camgirl ;)
if you are into nice bj Vids this vid is the right one for you

DaytonaHale Apr 25 2017
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Khaleesi is hands down a pro at sucking cock, and she swallows, whats not to love?!
Everyone needs this video in their life. O__O

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