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Freebie Tuesday

First ever whipping for Ann

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It was funny to sit, listen to your conversations and slowly understand that it was a matter of flogging. On the one hand, I already thought about it, what will it be? Is not this too much for me? That is, it seemed some kind of next step, after the ropes. It seemed to me in the head that you must first be filled with ropes, so that you want something more. At first I felt some slight disappointment from the fact that You did not give me what I wanted. But in general there was some enthusiasm to try flogging. As I said before, I had a weak idea in my head of how this can be made fun of. This is painful. Yes, even very painful. But it turned out to be much more complicated. The first easy stroking was pleasant: D I realized that I do not know how to explain the feelings to you, if I do not even know what tools you used. Well, then, we will get out. The first blows made my ass shrink like a nut. I was afraid that I could not relax and would only be more painful and unpleasant. At first it was really just painful. Unclear. But then something slid over the waist, and I realized that in general everything was fine: D This game is in comparison. Further it was all easier and easier to dive into it. Already nothing prevented, thoughts went somewhere, there was only waiting for the next stroke. And when I caught myself thinking this, I began to feel more ... feel? Tried to "feel" these feelings, to follow their evolution. At some point I realized that I did not feel like getting the next blow because of the first initial outbreak of severe pain, but realizing what would happen later, I was ready and patient. I already said it, but I have to write it here. Some of the blows were so ... perhaps fast, made me stand on my toes all higher, almost bouncing. And some fell like a stone, dropping me on the floor. When I still fell on my knees once in my head, when I came to myself a little, it was: "I have to get up, I have to get up, I have to get up." So what was the stoppage of the process? : D When the pain has crossed a line, I have ceased to control myself. And after each blow, she dived under the water, forgetting, not knowing what I was creating. And it was so cool. When you rush to scream, when your legs are not holding, when tears flow, you feel real. That's what you are. It is this transition from the mind to the senses that I liked so much. Thank you for letting me experience such an amazing experience. BUT I already heard from you that after the sessions it is difficult to return to this world, because the psyche is shattered. Yesterday I fully felt it on myself
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