Maid's fantasy

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It was like the beginning again to live. These touching, squeezing, sighs filled my life. It's hard to breathe, pain, dark in eyes - all permeated inside me. Upwards, above. I could feel my face burning and poured paint. Mostly I wanted to disengage, withdraw from pain. But I still felt like the rope digging into my skin. Inhale, exhale. Breathe harder ... I think about something extraneous. The face leaned against the mat. "Now my makeup stay on it. Lying motionless." Is that all? ". Time passes slowly. And the breath pauses, waiting for a new portion of the senses. Rope pulling me up. I'm preparing for the worst. I feel a sharp pain. But then she turns into something more unknown. Not enough for a thousand words to describe these feelings. Quiet. There is the sound of the rope tightens, cameras clicking and my sighs. Dark. Eyes closed, I do not want to open them. Hands are cold. Stroking slightly reduce swelling. Everything is spinning. Light wiggle my body allowed to feel as if you're on a swing. Just swing - it's you. At one point I had forgotten who I was and where. Strange feeling... Ropes. If once I tried everything. Are you hooked on them. So I sat down. Every time I need more and more ... Also you can find our videos, gifs and photos with special price here:
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