Freebie Tuesday

Whipping for 18yo maid

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The minutes passed slowly. Waiting lasted as if an eternity. Absorbing, fear ate me up inside. Unjustified excessive talkativeness and nervous walking from side to side did not give me much confidence, even though I tried. The moment is near. From this awareness, my heart started pounding faster and louder. One had the feeling that it is about to burst, or jump out of my chest ... Small strokes of my priests gave me to understand that I was safe and reduced a little my fear. Just remember the kind words: "Do not worry, I'll start gently." They warmed body and soul. But my thoughts were interrupted by a slight bump flogger. It did not hurt, even pleasant. At that moment I realized that you must first warm up my soft spot, then to proceed to something more hard. Gradually, I was part of the taste, moaning and screaming louder the more powerful blows. Sometimes it blows alternated on spanking and stroking. I loved it. But suddenly, all was quiet. I felt click. Another one. "Changing a tool" - spun in my head. The sharp searing pain shot through my body. My ass was burning red flames. Blow after blow. Click past the click. Slap for slap. I was all the more painful, I cried louder and shriller. There was no need to restrain myself, because my emotions - part of me ... Increase in breathing and heart rate. Inhalations and exhalations were frequent and profound. It was getting hot as hell in hell. Noise impacts Snake spread throughout the hall. He could hear only him and me. Nothing prevented our "goodbye." At one point I wanted to switch off and forget, but the constant pain did not allow to do it ... After we finished, I felt a certain lightness of mind and consciousness, as if knocked out of me all the crap and all the bad thoughts that were sacrificed my head. After all this, I would like to lie down and relax ... Also you can find our content with special price here: patreon.com/yuno
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