Best Friend's Mom - Nyssa Nevers

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Are you ok? You should take some pain medication for that? ...Oh you took the red pills? Those are from an underground pharmacy and meant for my husband  to spice up our sex life. I am going to get some water and we can try to dilute them. Oh my god, a transformation happened and you are so hot and ripped. It is amazing and you should take the shirt off because it is ripped from your growth spurt. Let me help you with that....Oh my god, I came so hard just touching your body. Your muscles are just so strong, and...hi honey, I was just taking care of our son's friend because he is not feeling well. Now where were we now that my husband left? We have to be careful, but I could do a striptease for you. Do you really fantasize about me? Another orgasm is taking over my body, and it makes me moan so loudly. My big tits are making you get harder and harder. I have to have it in my mouth (simulated on a dildo), and love that it makes me gag from the length and huge girth. This is just turning me on so much and I have to have your dick inside me while looking at your perfect body. Grab my tits and hold on tight. Another mind blowing orgasm makes you a sex god. I have never been fucked like this before! It is just too much and I can't help but fall off your dick and onto the floor as your cum covers my body! OTHER KEYWORDS-MILF, dirty talk, homewrecker. transformation fetish, transformation fantasy, magic control, erotic magic, Asian, brunette, POV dildo sucking, POV blowjob, POV oral, big tits, bouncing tits, tit bouncing, Nyssa Nevers, Nissa Nevers