White Socks Pink Toes Tickling

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Anabelle Pync is tied with her arms behind her back and her cute bare feet on a pedestal. As her tickler, you graze your nails on her soles and lift the socks halfway up her soles. The dreaded brush brings laughter and squirms,  causing her toes to wiggle and soles to wrinkle. She shrieks when the electric toothbrush is added to the mix. The socks slip off as the implements probe between her toes. Two brushes rub against her soles, and you hold her by the big toe on each foot so that she cannot squirm away. A feather lightly tickles, but the pointed edge causes more reaction as it quickly explores her sensitive feet. A paint brush dances against her soles with the feather and Anabelle is about to lose it! As she balks against her restraints, she almost knocks over the stool holding her  footsies. The metal finger jewelry is revealed and her little pink toes curl  as she tries to resist the sensation. OTHER KEYWORDS- bound tickling, struggling, laughing, barefoot, bare feet, POV tickling, POV, Annabelle Pync