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Freebie Tuesday

Cum Commitment Soothing Spell

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A calming, soothing ritual for you and your dick- and your entire being. As your all-knowing Powerful Goddess, I have the ability to control the energies around you. I perform a ritual to put you into a weakened and relaxed state. My prowess in Sex Magick is all-encompassing. Upon My altar, I cast powerful spells on you. I mesmerize you into saying your mantras and committing completely to Goddess while teasing you with My seductive voice, sparkly heels, long legs and My sex magick. If you deserve it, you will complete this pact with your cum. I own your cock and cum. Commit, and cum. Commit, and cum. (This clip contains elements of sex magick, magic control, erotic magic, mesmerize, high heels, mental domination, mantras, sensual domination, mindfuck, long legs, spellcasting, JOI, goddess worship