Giantess Wonder Lucy Purr

8:37 min - May 01 - .MP4 - 323.21 MB


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This was a custom that focuses on the camera "walking" through the girl and transitions through to her other side. Giantess Lucy Purr hears a call for help and is determined to save the day. A house is being terrorized by shrunken men! She finds a tiny man in the kitchen and Lucy has a solution to end his thieving ways! Spreading her mouth wide, she sticks out her tongue and swallows him whole. Hearing more sounds, she crawls on her hands and knees until she finds a little man under the sofa. Those sexy, leather boots come in handy as she stomps on him. Finding another menace on a chair, she is immune to his screams for mercy. With glee, she smothers him with her curvy ass and bounces up and down to make sure that the job was done. A purse is being pillaged by a shrimp and she drops him to the floor so she can squash him again. Another fruitful day of saving the world from pests! OTHER KEYWORDS- super heroines, , femdom, costumes, cosplay, stomping, boot fetish, Lucy Purr, Asian, big tits, vore, female supremacy