Nightclub Desperation - Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
25:13 min - Apr 24 - .MP4 - 390.07 MB


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Star Nine is waitressing at a nightclub and accidentally gets locked in a small room with a male customer. Uncomfortable to be in such close quarters with a stranger, she quietly calculates her lost tips as she glances at him in annoyance. Time goes by in the small room & Star's annoyance slowly turns to desperation. She has a growing urge to pee. She shifts positions uncomfortably as her bladder swells. She pounds on the door but nobody hears it to let her out. She will have to piss in this room if she can't hold it. Now Star is really desperate, and embarrassed. Almost crying, she tries not to grab her crotch in front of the man. A small trickle leaks out. Star grabs her crotch in desperation, but she cannot hold it any longer. She empties her full bladder, peeing all over her hands as she pisses her uniform. Includes desperation, pee, leotard